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     Diving is one sport not to be taken up lightly. The diving equipment is extremely costly, so don't make the investment unless you are serious about pursuing the sport. The high cost of diving gear is partly due to the extreme care regarding personal safety. A malfunction in any equipment could have very serious results. Basically, the gear is designed to undergo the harshest conditions and still remain intact.

     Diving suits vary in price according to the type. Wetsuits generally cost between $70 and $200. Due to their superior insulating qualities, dry suits are considerably more expensive, ranging from $200 to at least $500.

     Air regulators cost around $200 to $400. BCD's are double that, ranging between $400 and $800. Dive computers are probably the most expensive item, starting at $400 for the most basic model, and are known to exceed $1,000.

     Accessories are the least costly pieces of equipment. You can get a perfectly good mask for around $50. Fins go for between $50 and $100. Snorkels can be bought for as little as $10, but a more durable one will cost you more on the side of $30. A good dive knife costs around $50. Keep in mind that you cannot substitute a dive knife for any regular hunting or utility knife (one word: RUST!).