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     For safety and hygiene reasons, there is not much diving equipment you can buy used. Gear like air regulators and BCD's are a really bad idea to buy second-hand, as you have no way of knowing how they were used before, and therefore have no guarantee that they will function properly. Dive computers, however, can be a huge bargain if you can find them. Just be sure to take it to a professional and have it thoroughly inspected and re-hauled, just to make sure all the gauges are fine, and that the computer works properly.

     Buying used diving equipment such as a used scuba diving suit is not always advisable due to hygiene concerns, but if you are satisfied that the suit is thoroughly clean, it is entirely up to you. Second-hand snorkels are also probably a bad idea. However, other accessories like masks and fins are fine to buy used. This is also the case with diving knives (you may have to get them re-sharpened).